Help the women of South Africa!

Right now, there is a femicide going on in South Africa. A woman is killled every three hours, source linked. That’s 5x the world average. The world needs to know about this, so I’ve made this carrd. I’d appreciate you taking the time to look at the resources.


Article 1, by the Guardian

Article 2, by BBC news

You may see that the president is acknowledging this crisis, however more pressure needs to be applied to make him go through with his promises. signing petitions and donating if you can is a good way to do that. See below


Petition for the president to address gender based violence

Prioritise women’s rights!

Make sexual violence illegal in the workplace- Joe Slovo foundation

End violence against women and children in South Africa

NOTE: on any petition you sign, feel free to use a fake postal/ zip code or address, if you do not feel comfortable giving your real one


I couldn’t find any donation sites going directly to the South Africa femicide crisis, but I have linked some that help Women everywhere.

UN Women trust fund, dollars only

ActionAid helping Women all over the world

Thank you for taking the time to read this carrd. Should you find any other resources I can add to it, message my Instagram @f.f.i_ or send me an email, my address is: [email protected]

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